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July 28th, 2010

Why I use Disqus and Why You Should Give It a Second Look

by Gwen

I noticed during the recent giveaway that some people were leery to comment or didn’t take full advantage of the Disqus features by signing in completely. Then I got a very nice message from Alyna of Better Your Blog asking why I use it. My response to her led to this post.


Why I use Disqus-

  1. It automatically emails my replies to the original commenter and posts that reply on the blog. Even better, I can do it straight from email, I don’t even have to log onto my blog.
  2. It has taken care of my spam problem. Even with Aksimet, I was deleting a lot of the offenders. Now, they are G O N E.
  3. That one plugin does the work of about 3 other ones that I used to use.
  4. Threaded comments. Do I have to tell you how great they are for building a community?
  5. You can sign in with just about any id on the planet, twitter, OpenID, facebook, the old school way with your email address.


Why Commenters should embrace Disqus-

  1. It brings your gravatar with you.
  2. You can change something and it will change that information on all of the sites that use Disqus. (like your gravatar or email info)
  3. If you sign in at, you can see/edit/delete all of the comments you have EVER left on any site that using is Disqus. No searching forever or trying to remember what post you wanted to add something to. All of the comments are there.

So don’t run and hide from Disqus, it is your friend. If you let it, it can be your bff!