Shorts on Saturday

by Gwen



Back for round two in reviewing short books, stories, and even kid’s reads on the weekends.


You Are a Writer

You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins

Goins is a pretty good cheerleader in this. The 77 page book is less about writing and more about changing your mindset.

Common sense, yet something that we all need to be reminded of often. The section on building your ‘brand’ was really well done and, thankfully, wasn’t just a series of “you must do’s”.

Writing is all about making a connection and Goins gets that.


Swim by Jennifer Weiner

Confession time. This was the first Weiner book for me.

Double secret confession time.  Nothing in this made me want to run out and read the rest of her work.

This is a prequel of sorts for The Next Best Thing and the version that I read had a the first few chapters of that one included.

Maybe I am too used to action or nonfiction; but I was so meh that I didn’t even read the sampler chapters.









2 Comments to “Shorts on Saturday”

  1. You Are a Writer sounds like one I will check out; I’m still having some qualms about going public that I’m writing a novel 😉
    As for Swim, coincidentally I read it recently as it’s also part of a short story collection by Weiner which I fell over at the library. She’s widely regarded as one of the best chick-lit writers for characterization and going deep, but I agree that Swim doesn’t entirely blaze a trail. In her defense, I think it’s pretty early work of hers, which has been re-hashed now that she’s so popular.

  2. And I think you nailed it on the head with calling it Chick-lit. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of that term when I was writing this last night. 
    That genre seldom does it for me, so it wasn’t her fault and I realize that this was a re-issue of sorts.

    Oh goody, color me excited that you are writing! In that case, You are a Writer is a nice one to pick up to banish those qualms you are having a bit. It gave me a bit more badly need confidence. 

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