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November 11th, 2011

Happy Haul-idays for the Geek and a Safer Future

by Gwen


I really love how the folks at Chronicle have made this contest even more special this year by giving away $500 to your favorite charity as well!

Every 2 minutes, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. (RAINN)

The charity that I would choose to win this prize is called The SARP Center, Sexual Abuse Recovery & Prevention Center, here in San Luis Obispo, CA. Not only are they there to support victims and their families, but they are actively out there, with educational programs. It is one thing to be there to help and they go the extra mile, trying to stop the violence in the first place. That is huge in my book. Being a part of the change, rather than just dealing with the aftermath.

Let’s get to the fun part of this contest … the wish list.

The Architecture Nerd in me wants these-

100 ideasDesign SketchbookArt_Deco_San_Francisco

The Crafty Girl in me wants these-

craft incBook ArtQuilt


For the burgeoning Foodie (geek)-


For the fun of it-


I could go on and on with all of the goodies that Chronicles offers, couldn’t you?

The good news is that if I win, one of my lucky readers will win too!

$500 worth of books for a great cause, SARP.

$500 worth of books for my wish list.

$500 worth of books for a treasured reader.

I think that Chronicle might just be my favorite Elf of Santa’s.