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October 31st, 2011

Christmas Brought to You By Shutterfly Plus a Giveaway!

by Gwen

Last year, I told you all about the hard time I had picking out Christmas cards, this year, I decided to have fun with it. 2011 has been the year of stepping back, taking stock,  and enjoying the simple things in life. My Christmas cards should reflect that, right?

There are so many cards to choose from that it can be daunting though. Luckily, my dog Murphy is pretty photogenic, so I had plenty of good shots to include.


Murphy 3lick

See what I mean? Priceless.

Shutterfly has tons of photo cards to choose from and even with my slow internet, I was able to upload my pics easily. Before I knew it, the UPS guy was at my door with the cards.

{insert drum roll here}

0Christmas 2011

See, there is nothing serious going on here. This is what happens with the best laid plans. You put a red cashmere sweater on your dog, thinking that he will be able to act normal long enough for you to get a great shot. As usual, the dog has other plans…

So here’s the deal….

I am running sort of late on this post and instead of having a giveaway/sweepstakes, I am just going to throw these out here.

I have three codes for 25 cards each from Shutterfly. The first three people to comment and promise to use them, gets them. Deal?

Now I want to go order a photo mug for Murphy’s Daddy…

This post was brought to you by the lovely folks at Shutterfly, they sent me free cards, but that doesn’t mean they bought my opinion.