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October 16th, 2011

Getting Lost the Wright Way

by Gwen


Hi, name is Gwen and I have an addiction to books and one other thing. It started out simple enough, a needlework pattern of one of his designs caught my eye. Then I started seeing him everywhere and before I knew it, the whole thing turned into some sort of quest that threatens to go out of control.

First it was his house in LA, you may have seen it in commercials. Built in 1924 for Maude and Charles Ennis, it is now known simply as the Ennis House.

Ennis House

Then there was a trip to Chicago, the FLW mecca, where I got to see his studio and climb on the roof of one of his houses.

FLW Studio


Hey, look at me, climbing a 40 foot ladder to stand upon greatness! (little tip here, when about to take some of the most important pictures of your life, choose your camera person wisely. Pick your husband or boyfriend, you just might end up with pictures of your butt going up a ladder)

Anywho, then there was Taliesin West, Arizona, 2010.


It’s his former home, a school, a labor of love, and also really flipping hot because it’s in Arizona.

I thought that the fervor would eventually die down, like the pennies in my bank, thanks to the economy. Then Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, the Vice President and Director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, came out with a new book this month.


This beast of a book is bringing it all back, with sketches and plans of buildings that I have only been able to imagine in my pea brain for years. This baby is 7 pounds of heaven for me and I can’t put the thing down.

It’s as if my two obsessions are wrapped into one, an architect and the book, and armchair traveling has never been like this. So yeah, I get lost sometimes, but it is in the Wright way.