Hotel Angeline: A Novel in 36 Voices

by Gwen

Hotel Angeline

Take 36 of the best authors the Pacific Northwest has to offer, (A few of which are my favorites) assign them each a chapter, give them two hours to write that chapter and just to make it interesting, let’s do it live, in front of an audience.

The Authors: Kathleen Alcalá, Matthew Amster-Burton, Kit Bakke, Erica Bauermeister, Sean Beaudoin, Dave Boling, Deb Caletti, Carol Cassella, Maria Dahvana Headly, William Dietrich, Robert Dugoni, Kevin Emerson, Karen Finneyfrock, Clyde W. Ford, Jamie Ford, Elizabeth George, Mary Guterson, Teri Hein, Stephanie Kallos, Erik Larson, Stacey Levine, Frances McCue, Jarret Middleton, Peter Mountford, Kevin O’Brien, Julia Quinn, Nancy Rawles, Suzanne Selfors, Jennie Shortridge, Ed Skoog, Garth Stein, Greg Stump and David Laskey, Indu Sundaresan, Craig Welch, Susan Wiggs.

Even better? 50% of the proceeds from the book go into literacy and art programs.

The best part? The book was good! All of that build up and the story behind the writing of the book had me a bit skeptical. I mean how could the product of so many voices, styles, genres, and backgrounds work? It could have been a colossal mess.The differences were subtle and knowing the story behind the book added a quality to it that is hard to put into words. I found myself torn between wanting to savor every word and hurrying to see how my favorite authors, one of the non-fiction variety, could mold their personal touch into the fictional story of a residence hotel and it’s teenage main character.

Favorite authors + one story + strong theme/plot + wacky characters + proceeds go to charity =One fabulous book that makes you feel like you are doing good, just by reading it.

I call that a Win/Win.

For more on Hotel Angeline, including videos of some of the authors reactions, check out the very special site for Hotel Angeline.

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