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May 25th, 2011

Come Visit with Vy!

by Gwen

One of the coolest parts of Armchair BEA is the interviews. Both, last year and this year, I was paired up with bloggers that I had never come across before. This is my chance to share a rising star in the book blogging world.

Put your hands together for Vy (pronounced V) from Vy’s Blog. She is an 8th grader from Oregon and usually reads YA. When I first found out I was going to interview her, I must admit some trepidation. I mean, she is young enough to be my daughter, what should I ask her? Was asking her about school or where she lived going to be breaking the law or anything?

Anywho, I put on my big girl interviewing sweats and went for it. Here we go…

1.You live in one of the most beautiful states in the US if you ask me, what are your favorite things about Oregon?

One of my favorite things about Oregon is all the beautiful sceneries. I’m fortunate enough to live where I’m surrounded by views of trees and mountains. It is just gorgeous to wake up and see so many trees!

2.We have one book in common that we have both read and liked, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. However, I never reviewed it here, can you tell us about it?

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer has to be one of my favorite YA books and It tells the story of a Calla, who isn’t like ordinary girls since she’s a werewolf. Not any old werewolf either, but an alpha. Calla is born into a life that is practically planned out for her and she’s just going along with the ride. Why wouldn’t she when her soon to be mate is another alpha, Ren Laroche who’s every girl’s dream mate. Her life is going perfectly, but when has anything every gone perfectly? Everything starts to change when Calla saves the life of Shay who’s just another human, but someone who helps Calla find the truth behind all of the lies she thinks she knows about her life.

3.What are your favorite things about book blogging? What are your least favorite?

My favorite things about book blogging is sharing how much I love a book with other people. Getting to know other bloggers is also one of my favorite things. I think my least favorite thing about blogging is that it takes more time than I thought. If only it were summer so I could have more time to blog, but I still love it.

4.Do your friends and family know that you blog about books? Mine just can’t wrap their head around how many of us there are out there and think that I’m crazy. Do yours?

A few of my friends know that I blog but that’s only counting like 5 people. And the some of them think it’s nuts that I’m doing it and how many other people are too. My family, besides my parents and brother, don’t know that I blog at all! I’m not sure when I’m going to share that since about a few months ago I couldn’t even pick up a book and read it for enjoyment. I’m still pretty knew to the incredible world of books.

5.You have mentioned that your librarians are amazing, what do they do to get such love from you?

My librarians are the reason I started to read, which then led to blogging. Before, I wouldn’t have even thought of going into a library to pick up a book. After attending one of their library orientations and listening to the way they describe books, I was hooked. I started with some small YA books but then found myself going to the library at least every other day. My school librarians are super awesome and get ARCs so I was always excited to find new arrivals. They are basically the cause for my book obsession.

6.What is your favorite subject in school?

That’s a tough one since I was fortunate enough to have really awesome classes. I guess my favorite core class is Humanities. My teacher is very emotionally attached to history so she makes everything sound interesting. My favorite elective class has to be choir. A period of just singing and sometimes dancing can always make the day better.

7.Your are going on a trip to a deserted island and can only bring three things, what are they?

-A water bottle so I could stay alive long enough to look for help.

-Probably bring a nook to kill some time.

-And a tent so I could escape the dreaded heat and other vicious animals.

There you have it and I don’t think that I broke any laws, Phew!

Remember to check out Vy’s Blog.