1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die ~ The Series and a Confession

by Gwen

1001 Books


The end of last year, I made the mistake of buying this whopper of a book and decided that I would do my best to read each and everyone of the 1001 books or die trying. My plan was never to review each and every one of them here and then fate stepped in.

Off and on, for a year or so, a friend and I have been talking of creating a blog together that encompassed many things. She blogs about decorating, homeschooling and life with a side of humor, but wanted to reach out to more subjects. I blog about books and while I love it, I really feel stifled at times creatively. Sometimes I don’t want to be serious or critique other people’s art, I want to get back to creating my own once in a while. (Am I the only one that feels this way about book blogging at times?)

Fast forward to January, we decided to do it. Wit Behind the Ears is a sort of a smorgasbord of life. We have touched on Decorating, Organization, Homeschooling, Art/Crafts, Cooking, and more, but a series that I started is fast becoming near and dear to my heart.  What series is that you ask? 1001 Books I’m Reading So You Won’t Die

Not everyone makes the time in their lives to read like book bloggers do. That doesn’t mean that we can’t sneak in some awareness building book posts each week to the non-reading public. Each week, I have taken on two books from the list and encapsulated the story then told why it was on the list. Seldom to I hold back on what I really think, and that has been the bonus. It leaves me energized to write real reviews again for here and other places. I also get to share my love of the written word with people that probably wouldn’t take the time to read these classics on their own. Win-Win.

So consider this your invitation to an irreverent look at the classics over on Wit Behind the Ears. And……if you ever feel the urge to write about something other than books, feel free to drop me a line. I have a place saved for your post as long as you keep it real and a wee bit funny.


1001 Books I’m Reading So You Don’t Die




7 Comments to “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die ~ The Series and a Confession”

  1. I’m really eager to see where I stand on this list, but 1001 books will take a long time to evaluate. On the other hand, it is a long list, making it less probable that you will have heard/read of a lot on the list and so it makes the book discovery process so much fun. I need to look at that blog!

  2. There are a lot of obscure authors and titles on the list, so it has really been a mixed bag so far for me. They really went crazy with some authors, like Thomas Hardy with 7 titles, then skimped when it came to a favorite of mine, Theodore Dreiser, by just including Sister Carrie.

    The list is daunting but by taking them one at a time and getting a bit more creative with the summaries, it has become a fun challenge.

  3. Haha! That’s exactly why I started a general blog where I just throw in a book review every now and again. I can’t wait to check out your other site!

  4. I don’t know how you book bloggers do it. That’s why I joined a group book blog so I could contribute, but not focus on it exclusively. So I totally get what you were feeling. I’m going to add your new site to my Reader and will be stopping by in the future!

  5. It is like there is this unwritten law of book blogging, you must stay on books or you aren’t one. Argh!

  6. I will look forward to seeing you!

  7. I’ll just read your reviews if that’s ok…the trash I read would never make this list anyway. LOL

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