Rock Bottom by Erin Brockovich

by Gwen

Rock Bottom

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Ten years ago, a pregnant seventeen-year-old, Angela Joy Palladino, fled her hometown, Scotia, West Virginia, as a pariah. Over time, AJ succeeded in establishing herself as an environmental activist, dubbed “The People’s Champion,” only to be forced to retreat from the spotlight in the wake of a crushing media disaster.

When AJ is offered a job with a lawyer who is crusading against mountaintop removal mining, she is torn. As a single mother of a special needs nine-year-old boy, AJ can use any work she can get. But doing so will mean returning to the West Virginia hometown she left in disgrace so long ago.

Upon arriving in Scotia, AJ learns of the sudden death of the lawyer who hired her. Soon after joining forces with his daughter, Elizabeth, threats begin to surface, bodies begin to pile up, and AJ discovers that her own secrets aren’t the only ones her mountain hometown has kept buried. Hitting rock bottom, AJ must face the betrayal of those once closest to her and confront the harrowing past she thought she had left behind.”

My thoughts- While this was enjoyable, I would consider it nice light reading. The main character, AJ, is obviously styled after Brockovich. The thing is that I had a hard time believing that any one person could undergo SOOOO many bad things thrown at her and still be standing. I mean she was pregnant at 17, was in coma for two months while carrying her child, who was then born with Cerebral Palsy, she then refused to go back to her small home town, became a quasi legal assistant, spending a huge chunk of change fighting for a cause that she ended up losing, eventually became a radio DJ, which derailed when a caller blew his head off while on the air with her….The list goes on and on and I haven’t really even started where the book starts, that is just the backstory.

I liked Rock Bottom, I just didn’t get lost reading it. Sometimes too much bad stuff happening to one character doesn’t lead to empathizing with them. It leads to disbelief and me wanting to put poor AJ out of her misery.

Rock Bottom by Erin Brockovich and C.J. Lyons

  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Vanguard Press (March 1, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1593156251
  • ISBN-13: 978-1593156251
  • I was provided Rock Bottom by FSB Media. As you can tell, giving me the book didn’t guarantee a sparkly review.

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    1. Good one! I like the not-sparkly reviews. Somehow they’re even more compelling and informative, and I might actually want to read the book – I have become suspicious of the endless 5 star OR 1 star reviews I’ve been reading – does no one write anything mediocre anymore? Is it only me?

    2. Holy crap. Not really viable is it? I mean, not to sound cold-hearted, but who would buy the fact that all that awfulness happened to one person? If you want to read about somebody’s rock bottom, read The Human Bobby. That one will not let you go and you will finish it in one sitting.

    3. I seem to be reading a lot of books that fit somewhere in the middle these days, but you are so right. I don’t even look at star ratings anymore because they always seem to be either a 1 or a 5. That isn’t statically possible!

      It warms my heart to see you:)

    4. “Not really viable” is exactly what I was thinking. Maybe I have become a cynic. Checking out The Human Bobby now!

    5. Thanks! for sharing

    6. That book kind of sounds depressing. Thanks for the review!

    7. I get what you mean about too much bad stuff happening to a character. While it’s entirely plausible, it mostly feels contrived. It’s usually a very thin line between making it feel real, and making it feel totally invented.

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