The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

by Gwen

The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

I am going to tell you something that might make you close this very window and never speak to me again. I know, a risky move, but that is why you have stuck here this long right? I take big risks and am not afraid to tell you when I crash and burn.

My secret? How nice of you to get me back on point.

I like Dan Brown. I know, his tells the same story seemingly over and over again, but I get a thrill out of the history and code stuff that he weaves into ‘dem stories. I read something about the Vatican in his books and it leads me down a rabbit hole of research and nonfiction reading. It sends me on a fact finding mission. I dig that; research rabbit holes are cool in my book.

Why am I telling you this? The Lucifer Code is similar to Dan Brown…..only deeper, cooler, and in a way scarier. We are talking “Lucifer” after all, as in Satan. That and Dr. Thomas Lourds, the main character comes across as a real person, not just a brilliant historian and linguistic code breaker. He has flaws and weaknesses just like the rest of us.

The rest of the characters are fully developed as well and I will go out on a limb and say that there is enough of a cast that at least one will appeal to every reader. The one that I identified with was Cleena MacKenna, the daughter of the long departed Ryan MacKenna, former member of the Continuity Irish Republican Army. Her daddy may be gone, but he taught her all he knew about arms dealing, and making her way in the big, dark, world. (Notice: I am not saying that my dad was in the IRA, however I plead the 5th as far as my mom’s side of the family goes)

Sense of humor is also really important to me and this one has it in spades. For example, check out these lines……

“Careful,” Cleena said. “You keep up with that ill-tempered attitude and somebody will drop a house on you.”

“Really?” Olympia said. “You did not just say that. We’re here, following up in the footsteps of a man who gave us the most intriguing and important book in the Bible, and you are talking about The Wizard of Oz?”


Where does it start? Professor Lourds lands in Istanbul to give a series of lectures at the behest of a colleague and on again-off again love interest when a young red head catches his eye……

Charles Brokaw knows his stuff, but the only flaw I see in The Lucifer Code is that he wrote it under a pseudonym. He has written another book, The Atlantis Code. Maybe if I read that one I will be able to solve the mystery of just who Charles Brokaw is. Will the real author please stand up? It is hard to stand behind a phantom.



We shall see if this embedded form thingie works for a copy of Charles Brokaw’s The Lucifer Code……

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  1. Don’t be ashamed of any author that you like – embrace it! LOL I can’t say I’m a Brown fan but I don’t hate his writing either. Have you read Unholy Grail by DL Wilson? You’d probably enjoy that one as well – it’s similar in style and content.

  2. This is me—-Embracing Dan Brown, Charles Brokaw, and maybe now DL Wilson!

    Chew & Digest Books


  3. I like Dan Brown too. His books are easy reading, but they’re interesting! They’re like watching a movie or something. I’m about to start the newest one, and I think this book sounds great.

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