Show Your Love of Books ~ The Great Kindle Cover Search

by Gwen

I have had my Kindle for about three weeks and yes, I know that I should have been telling you what I thought about it. The thing is, I am not sure yet. It doesn’t do what I thought it would do and I am learning to utilize it in its own way, as opposed to my way. (I can never remember the grammar rule, should that have been “it’s” ???)

I will get to my thoughts at a later date, but I have learned one important thing. It needs a cover. It has been out of the house three times so far and I was always worried about scratching it or something. Did you have to do that child rearing project in high school where you carried around an egg to symbolize a baby? Or do you at least know what I am talking about? That is how I feel carrying the Kindle around. It needs a car seat or at least a protective onesie.

And so we begin the Great Kindle Cover Search on Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. Most of them are sleeves, which are great I’m sure. Still they don’t protect your kindle while using it and honestly, the last thing I need is another case to keep track of while I am out and about. Let’s see, there’s the backpack, the camera, the camera case, my wallet, suitcase if necessary, with the liquid stuff in its own ziploc bag, you see where I am going with this?

I want a cover that stays on.

Alexander Henry Cover

Alexander Henry Cover, by Britgal Designs, $30 Love the fabric

Encyclopedia Case

The New Educator Encyclopedia Case, by Vintage Covers, $27.50 Recycled!

Courdoroy Cover

Oliver Twist Corduroy Cover, by Dana Designs, $13.50 Bargain!

Chinese Ornament

Chinese Ornament Case, by Cover 2 Cover, $24 

So what did I decide on? I cheated. Here is what I bought.

Padded Pattern

Padded Cover Pattern, by Birdful Stitches, $6

I have tons of fabric that I love and am not to bad with a sewing machine, so why not get exactly what I want by making my own? Wish me luck!


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12 Comments to “Show Your Love of Books ~ The Great Kindle Cover Search”

  1. Oh, luck with that.

  2. Oh I love that Chinese ornament one! Good luck sewing your own!

  3. Very cool…I actually like what you’re going to do the best. My son just left for boot camp today (I’m a basket case) and he is letting me babysit his Kindle while he’s gone. I thought I would surprise him with a cover for it too.

  4. My nook has a very boring cover…basic black. That way it doesn’t clash with my outfit. 😉

    Good luck with the sewing project!

  5. Thank you for cheering me on during the read-a-thon.

    Those kindle covers look fabulous! I would have suffered a heart attack trying to decide which one to choose. But, I was very happy too about your final decision. How personalized can you get! Good choice.

    I hope to go back to your site again. Love the passion for books.

    By the way, you might not remember me — this is where you cheered me on:

  6. Wow, I’m impressed you’re going to try and make your own – that’s cool. I just got a basic black one to go with my noon.

  7. I like the Chinese one too. But if you have the ability to do it yourself that is the way to go – as you say, to get the exact look you want.

    As for the grammar rule – the apostrophe only gets used for a contraction, not possessive. So you did it properly ;0)

  8. Yes! You just made my day with the grammar confirmation.

    We shall see how I do on the cover, I may still be buying the Chinese one.

  9. I did break down and buy a basic brown leather one to use until I get off of my rear and make one.

  10. It was my pleasure to cheer you on.

    I was suffering from too many choices. That, and I had an image in my head of what I wanted and couldn’t find it!

  11. Will you show us how it turns out?
    I have a few too many projects like this, queued up around the place…. bet you finish first!

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