Apple Picking, Central Coast Style & Giveaway

by Gwen

The weather here has been wacky for the past month or so; some days it is well over 100 degrees and the next day pouring rain and/or fog. While it was nice to finally have some summer weather, all of those changes weren’t great for the apple orchards.

It seems that apples fall from the tree when there is a heavy rain and if they aren’t picked up quick like, they god bad fast. Many of the orchards in the See Canyon area were running u-pick specials, 1 bag for $7. The difference was that you were picking them off of the ground instead of from the tree. Off we wentto the See Canyon Fruit Ranch.

see canyon

Where we dug though the piles of apples, passing on the bruised ones and snatching up the good ones.. while dodging the yellow jackets.


Now what is one to do with all of tose apples?  Luckily, MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury came to our rescue. They sent me a kit that included everything I needed to make my first apple pie!

pillsbury pie  crusts_final

You can see all of the great pies we have created at the "Love the Pie" Facebook Page and even better, you can enter to win your very own “Love the Pie” kit right here. (thanks to MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury)

Before you enter, I will show you my very first apple pie that I didn’t purchase in the freezer section of the grocery store. She may not have been beautiful, but she was scrumptious!

apple pie 2



To cover my rear- I need to tell you that my kit was provided by Pillsbury via MyBlogSpark and the giveaway prize will be too.

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  1. Mmmmm…I love apple pie! You should link this up with My Friend Amy. She is having a Fall Recipe Exchange today!

  2. The pie looks great. It looks like you got a better apple harvest than we did. The farmers around here are telling me they have trees with only one apple on them.

  3. Oh I’ve never made an apple pie from scratch! Can you believe that??? What a fantastic kit! Thanks for sharing. I love your pictures!

  4. Yummy! I love fall…and have a whole ton of apples that I picked a week ago. This year, I went to an organic apple orchard. It was amazing–there were all kinda of crazycool varieties of apples. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I think your pie is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I totally spaced it on adding it to her post, thanks for reminding me!

  7. That is too bad Debbie, I wonder what caused the harvest by you to be so disappointing?

  8. I can’t believe that you have never made one from scratch! You make all of that scrumptious stuff and no pie??!!

  9. Ours were organic too and I love that you can just pick them and put ’em right in your mouth! YUM:)

  10. Thanks Staci, my pie crusts could best be considered a work in progress:)

  11. I know right!!!! How is it possible that I’ve never made a pie from scratch?!?! I will have to rectify this as soon as possible! But hey…maybe I’ll win your giveaway. Then I would have no excuses not to make one!

  12. Oh I think it is beautiful – looks like homemade pie to me – the tastiest pie on earth!

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