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October 27th, 2010

The Negative Factors of the Christmas Card

by Gwen

Now is the time of year when I start going nuts over Christmas cards. Only this year, it is a wee bit worse because I am trying to take myself seriously and plan to send out business-y looking  cards to some of my contacts as well.

I have been patiently perusing the selection at of photo cards, calendars, and really cute Christmas gift tags in preparation for ordering. As usual, I have issues.


Here are the things that I have to consider:

1. The Hate factor. Art hates having his picture taken. I think that I have 3 of him that I have taken and there is one of us together on a boat in Chicago which looks like we are so unhappy about our pending trip to the Artic. (we weren’t going to the Artic, just bundled up for a blizzard)

2. The Cringe Factor. Every picture I have ever had taken of myself makes me cringe. There is always a hair out of place, a blemish in full bloom, something that will forever kill that happy feeling that I am trying to give off.  (except for Senior Prom, I rocked that one, but that was 20 years ago)

3. The Vanity Factor. Part of me thinks that it is sort of vain to plaster yourself all over your Christmas cards. I mean, if you have kids, it’s great and fine, but if it is just you and you dog, because your partner doesn’t want the pictures of him being leaked to the world….it makes me look a bit vain.

4. The WHO-DIS Factor. Who am I sending these to and why? Do I choose one card and send them out to everyone? Or do I do a crazy warm wishing family cards to send to the fam and make more subtle Chew & Digest Books cards to my PR connections, employers, authors, and such?

5. The Cutsy, But I Don’t Have Wee Ones Factor. This could easily be solved by renting some rugrats from a neighbor and telling people that they are my kids, but that would be cheating. That and my neighbors grandchildren are Asian. We aren’t and I think that it would be pretty obvious if we use them to look like the are our kids. (on the other hand, it would look like we adopted….we could be Brangelina)

Still, I want to go through all of this to create something unique. With my budget, it is either this tiny splurge or everyone is getting coal and baked goods.





Am thinking about something simple like this for work stuff.















This isn’t our name, but an thinking of snatching these up for gift tags.





On the other hand, I just may buy everyone a calendar that has the same picture of Murphy over and over and over. You know, it would be the gift that keeps on giving. {insert drum role here}

So, what where do you get your Christmas cards? Have you used Shutterfly?