Show Your Love of Books ~The Bookcase

by Gwen

Still waiting on my Kindle and the books continue to float through my door in paper form. That means that I am shopping for bookcases this week.

Stacked Cabinet No.1

Stacked Cabinet No.1, from Artful Home, $3,885

I love “odd” pieces of furniture and this one I LOVE, but this is a bit out of my price range.

Monticello Library Stand

Monticello Library Stand, from The Thomas Jefferson Monticello Collection, $333

Much more affordable and supports history.

Canoe Bookcase

82” Canoe Bookcase, by Millsriver Canoe Shop, $745

I have always wanted one of these, but it really doesn’t fit my decor.


Tuscan Center Bookcase, Ballard Designs, $799

This actually matches the rest of the furniture in the room, but matchy-matchy is so boring!


Still deciding,



10 Comments to “Show Your Love of Books ~The Bookcase”

  1. Wow, that first one is way cool! Not sure how practical but cool anyway. Love the canoe too, if only you lived in a cabin! I bet you could make something just right for your needs.

  2. That first one is super fun but I agree with Dawn…not so practical and WAY expensive. Wow!

  3. I love the canoe one. I have one made out of branches which I get compliments on ALL the time. People love a unique bookshelf. Fun finds!

  4. The Monticello Library Stand is awesome! Love the book holder up top.

  5. Practical, schmatical, if a piece looks that good, why does it need to be useful? LOL

  6. I want to see pictures of yours!

  7. That book holder is my favorite feature too.

  8. The Monticello seems to be a nice balance of not-too-pricey, a bit unusual, but not totally attention-grabbing!

  9. Oh my! That first bookcase looks awesome!

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