Put Your Hands Together For Write Meg!

by Gwen

The following is a fun question and answer session with Meg from Write Meg! . The silliness of the questions is totally my fault. Her answers, however, are all on her. Allow me to welcome the blogger that was shortlisted for the Best Eclectic Blog for BBAW, the wonderful, the amazing, the crafty and dog loving………..MEG!


1. Why book blogging? I mean you write for a living, and I see that you even have an etsy store for your crochet pieces, what drew you to book blogging?

I’ll have to admit that I fell into book blogging! Back when I started write meg!, I was working full-time as an editor with a part-time job as a bookseller. After I got tired of the long hours working two shifts a day, I quit Borders — and desperately missed having an outlet in which to socialize and talk about books. I started my blog as a way of talking about my life and chatting about random stuff, but quickly discovered that many other bloggers were writing about books exclusively. That really piqued my interest and, once I was familiar with the whole community, write meg! became pretty book- and writing-oriented. (But I still love to crochet a good scarf and talk about myself, for which I now get paid. And that’s awesome.)

2. I was recently doing some major maintenance on my blog and realized that my reading selections have REALLY changed thanks to becoming an active book blogger. Has it changed you? If so, how?

When I started blogging, I rarely read anything from the young adult genre — and still clung to the misguided belief that YA was “just for teens.” That couldn’t be less true, of course! A good book is a good book, and it doesn’t matter in which genre it’s categorized. Reading about so many great YA authors and books on other blogs, I developed a new taste for them through the course of blogging. Having a forum in which to write about books, and get feedback from other readers, has really opened my eyes to all sorts of wonderful reading out there — and so many of the books I’ve loved, like Justina Chen Headley’s North Of Beautiful, aren’t ones I would have picked up on my own.

3. What do you find most challenging about book blogging?

Probably having to write a lukewarm or negative review of a book when I’ve developed a personal repertoire with an author. It’s against my nature to hurt anyone’s feelings, and I really dislike having to say anything unkind about novels — especially since I write myself, and know how tough it is to put your heart out there and have someone reject it. Still, my primary obligation in book reviewing is to be honest; I owe it to myself and anyone who comes across write meg! to tell the truth. It’s just tough telling the truth and then having to email an author or publicist and say, “Hey, I read your book – and it was horrible! I posted my gut-wrenching review here for the whole reading world to see!”

But, you know, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

4. You predominately review Women’s Literature on Write Meg! Do you ever cheat & read other genres, but not review them?

Good question! With very, very few exceptions, I can honestly say that I review every book I read. I know which book genres and authors tend to get the most hits and comments, though, and sometimes know ahead of time that my review of a certain book, particularly non-fiction, won’t grab the interest of many readers. But it’s no worries; those reviews are still fun to write!

5. What was your absolute favorite part/moment of the Book Blogger Convention?

Oh, goodness — it’s probably cliché, but getting to meet so many bloggers face-to-face! I’d well publicized the fact that I would be wearing my “Power Dress,” a little fuchsia number I wear when I need to empower myself, and many people called out, “Meg! Hi! I knew you were from your dress!” That made me feel awesome. And everyone was so kind and interesting, just the way you’d expect them to be from reading all about them on their blogs.

6. Your posts on online dating not only made me laugh, but also brought back a lot of memories. Why do you think that it is so hard to meet the right person these days?

We’re all busy these days, I think it’s just tough to meet anyone in a “traditional” way — at school, a bar, church, through family, etc. — because we don’t always have the time and energy to put into exploring those avenues. For me, online dating became absolutely necessary when I realized that most of my “traditional” avenues just weren’t going to work out. I love my coworkers, but most of them have children my age — or are already in committed relationships. I knew I was going to have to do something different to meet someone, and online dating was the logical step. And like so many others, my dating story has a happy ending — and for that, I’m very thankful!

7. You recently tweeted “I just petted my first cow last weekend, so I’m feeling pretty good about the whole farm fest thing!” My question is…..did you like it? Would you do it all over again?

You know, I did like it! I was pretty scared at first, having never been around livestock, but this cow in Chautauqua County, Pennsylvania was pretty friendly. I’m a big animal lover, too, so getting to meet any new friend is all right by me.

8. Tell me about Rudy. Are you still having to save him from the Zombie-Vampires in your dreams thanks to The Passage?

Rudy is my loveable, dopey, hilarious and sleepy golden retriever, and a dog I affectively refer to as my “bud bud.” We got him from a horse and dog rescue group in Delaware when he was about a year and a half old and severely undernourished by his previous owners. Considering he came home right before Christmas and has a pink nose, we named him “Rudolph” — or “Rudy” — and he’s definitely a part of the family! And about 50 pounds heavier than his terrible low weight when we brought him home. I’m also happy to report he hasn’t been the star of any zombie-vampire dreams lately, though I’m going to never read The Passage to ensure he’s kept out of harm’s way. It’s the least I can do.

Meg not only has a blog that was new to me, but she held my hand through this whole process. She made it easy. If she wasn’t on the other coast, I would give her a high five….maybe I will just have to send Rudy a dog treat. Thanks Meg!



17 Responses to “Put Your Hands Together For Write Meg!”

  1. what a great ideas those interviews are, Meg’s blog is one of my favorite, it doesn’t only focus on books, as you said there is a bit of everything from recipes to online dating and it never gets boring

  2. I’m over visiting from Meg’s place, and I just have to tell you how much fun I’ve had discovering you. You have an open and fun personality, and a great sense of humor. Thus the beauty of this particular day in BBAW. My house may never be clean again.

  3. I love your answer to the third question – that IS so hard! Good to get to know you a little better, Meg!

  4. Meg is one of my favorite book bloggers, esp. because she writes about herself from time to time as well. And Gwen is right – those online dating posts were hilarious.

  5. Love these questions & answers. Gwen, your blog is new-to-me (I’m an avid reader of Meg’s blog), but I’m definitely adding you to my Google Reader 🙂

  6. Thanks Sandy! I will be totally shocked if any book blogger’s home is clean after this wonderful week. Mine sure won’t be, not that it ever really is unless my mom is coming over…

  7. Welcome and thanks for joining this wacky group!

  8. I loved getting to know one of my favorite bloggers, Meg, better! What a great interview and such fun questions!

  9. What a great interview! Love all the questions 🙂

  10. Hey, I appreciate silliness!

  11. Not sure why I’m not following Meg’s blog yet, considering we’re secretly the same person and all. I mean, we have the same name, both started our blogs as a result of Borders employee withdrawal, and both have a dog named Rudy (though mine’s a mini dachshund). Okay, maybe we’re a leeeetle bit different, but still…. 😉

    For that matter, why am I not following *your* blog yet? I must remedy this situation straightaway!

  12. Thanks Megan. This talk of Border’s Employee withdrawal makes me wonder if I am writing the wrong blog. Maybe I should pick one of my old jobs and write about it. Let’s see, I could name one Disneyland, Behind the Curtain. Then there would be one entitled, Mt. Rainier, Making it to the Summit…oh this would be fun.

    See what you started?

  13. Great & funny review! I’ve read Meg’s blog a few times and love how she writes. I liked getting to know her a little better and read a bit about her life. I’m happy to know that Meg is willing to pet cows. I have some cats who have softer fur and probably appreciate being pet more than a cow. So if you’re interested, Meg, let me know!

    Thanks to both of you for two of the more enjoyable reviews I’ve read!
    ~ Amy

  14. I really like Meg’s blog but how did I miss that she is also a golden retriever owner? Mine is so goofy sometimes, too! great to get to know Meg better through this interview!

  15. Meg has a great blog. You did a wonderful job featuring her 🙂

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