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September 24th, 2010

A Bit About Me(Me) ~ Where Do I Start?

by Gwen


It is time once again, to step out from behind the book and get to know one another better.

We all have a story and a life beyond the book and thanks to Danielle from There’s A Book, we get share. She asks the questions and we get to answer.

Do you have a job you just couldn’t stand or possibly one that you were completely embarrassed by (ie. funny costume, etc.)?

Decisions, decisions… I take the easy way out or do I dig deep and go for more depth?

Horrible Job

Let’s see, there was the time that I started a job in the toy department at Target on Black Friday. Black Friday would be a bad day to start any job in retail, but in the toy department? Throw in that I am not really a kid person and it made for the longest 4 hours of my life. I clocked out and never went back.

Mortifying Job

Then there was the time that I decided to try telemarketing. Going in, I knew this probably wasn’t going to be the gig for me. Seriously, I HATE being on the phone. I think that Caller ID was made for people like me. If it is my mom, I have to answer it because if I don’t, she gets all crazy and thinks that I have run of to desert to join a cult or something. Everyone else? They usually get voice mail.

Where was I? Telemarketing. It could have been a really profitable job. I just had to call people and talk them into setting an appointment to hear about a super snazzy water filter setup. How hard could that be? Everyone drinks water, right?

They gave me a list of people to call. Where they got this list, I had no freaking clue, but after a few calls, I had a good idea. I start calling and asking for Mr. So and So or Mrs. XYZ…….BIG PROBLEMO These people were, ummmmm, dead. Before I knew it, I was commiserating with widows and widowers. I was crying, the people on the phone with cloudy water that I was supposed to be selling clean water to were crying. It was horrible. I was a telemarketing grief counselor. I lasted about 2 hours, 1 hour of that was training.

Humiliating Job

Being the low man on the totem pole is never a good thing. When you are new to a job you get all of the crappy tasks that no one that knows better wants to do. You have no pull and you have to look eager. You are there to impress so you will do anything.

Let me introduce you to the wonderful idea of “Kids Nite” at a restaurant. It didn’t matter that I was hired as a server, I was the new kid. I got stuck with the most hated role I have ever played in my life. The poor schumck that has to don a costume and stand on the corner enticing every yahoo that drives by to come and eat.

I give you my costume


Do I need to say more?