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September 12th, 2010

A Thought Provoking Question Asker, a Crochet Artist and a Writer in the Making ~ My First Treasure

by Gwen

Welcome one and all to the first day of BBAW. This is the day that we are supposed to share blogs that are new to us since last year’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

While Chew & Digests Books has in fact existed for more than two years, I really didn’t get involved in the book blogging community until the last year, so I have had a wealth of choices from which to pick from. So ya’ll are new to me in many ways.

The problem lies in choosing from this plethora. What sort of guidelines or criteria did I use to pick the following? Why are ye trying to ask me to explain the unexplainable? I have no clue why I do anything, but here we go.

First up, the “thought provoking question asker”, A Little Bookish. Carin has a wonderful Friday feature called Coffee Chat and it never fails to inspire me to write a book of a comment in response.

Carin is also a hero of mine because she is super involved with her blog and the community. I swear the girl is always on twitter when I need her and in the know.

Then we have Danielle and There’s a Book. She has been a major reason why I am as active as I am today. We “met up” during Armchair BEA and while we read totally different genres, she keeps me actively coming out from behind my reviewer persona with her meme, A Bit About Me(Me).

She is also a writer, not just a blog writer, and I enjoyed hearing about a writing workshop she went to recently at Catherine Ryan Hyde’s home.


Then there is Meg of Write Meg! I was lucky enough to get paired with her for the interview tomorrow and I have to tell ya, I like her style.

Like Danielle, we don’t really read similar genres, but we do have something in common. She likes to crochet and I have been known to pick up a J hook or two in my time.

Another great thing about Meg is that she isn’t just all about reviews. She often steps out from behind the book to share what is going on in her life. Her reviews are much like her other posts, honest and open.

It must be said, all of the blogs are I read are treasures. You all have something special and deserve a huge award for keeping me coming back. All of you are a huge part of my excitement about book blogging. You give me a purpose, focus and get me to come out of my shell. That isn’t an easy thing to do to this anxiety filled swiss cheese brain. Thank you!