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September 10th, 2010

A Bit About Me(Me) ~ Just Call Me Crafty

by Gwen


It is time once again, to step out from behind the book and get to know one another better.

We all have a story and a life beyond the book and thanks to Danielle from There’s A Book, we get share. She asks the questions and we get to answer.




What are your other hobbies?

I am a fidgeter by nature, always moving around and unable to sit still. I also can’t focus on any one thing at a time, which often means that I will have the TV on, a book open, and often a project or three going while also having the laptop on the ottoman in front of me.

What does this mean in terms of this post? Well children, it means that I have developed a lot of hobbies over the years to keep my hands busy. Combine that with an active imagination and a lack of decorating budget and you get an artist. Well, some might not agree, but for lack of a better term, we will use artist here.

I paint to fill the walls and to give as gifts.







The dog painting was a gift for my mom last year. The bicycle paintings are in the office along with a large neon sign advertising Fat Tire Beer. (which led to the red bike theme)


I have been working on a series of book themed paintings, but they aren’t ready to show yet.


Painting has always been a love-hate sort of relationship for me







I have been known to dabble in Trash to Treasure



This desk was um, found by the side of the road. The poor guy was a bit worse for wear, yet had wonderful lines and let me tell you, it was well made and heavy.





It has beautiful dark iron drawer handles now and resides in the office.




Then there was the ottoman. This baby was OLD and the fabric was fraying. Still, it was down filled and the perfect place for my laptop near the couch.





With a lot of ripping, destruction and fair amount of cussing at the sewing machine, here she is.







And just so you don’t think that I am all about home decor, I make jewelry.


There are times when I think that I am in the wrong field because I really enjoy creating. If something involves a needle, paintbrush, sander, playing with color, a shovel, cement, or pretty much anything to do with home, I love it and have probably tried it.

My problem is that I can never focus on one thing long enough to really build up a stock and sell it. I will get wrapped up into something for a month or so and then just stop to move onto something else. Following my bliss would be loads easier if it didn’t keep changing all of the time or if the inspiration didn’t keep hitting me with such varying subjects.

Anywho, that is why I read. With a books, I am constantly challenged to explore outside my comfort zone. I am always learning something new. I am always seeing new vistas from the comfort of the couch, the bed, the patio chair or whatever freakly location I finally settle in.