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Friends and tweeps have made some great suggestions for what to include in this weeks post. Thank them!

Monica, from Monica Wants It, Hooked me up with this Kate Spade beauty.


 The Great Gatsby Clutch can be yours for $325. They also have a Great Expectations clutch.  I can totally see myself using one of those. Might even break my “I hate purses rule” for Gatsby.


For Book Lovers Only Parking Sign, Amazon, $12.95


Wonderful Wizard of Oz Print, 24×36" – 61x91cm, by PosterText.com 


I Read Banned Books Necklace, by Carolyn Forsman Conversation Piece Jewelry, $30


If you have any great sources for bookish accessories please be sure to let me know. Also, anyone want to split that Kate Spade bag with me? You get it 6 months, I get it the other 6 months??



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  • http://twitter.com/bowlieb Carin Buffington

    I saw that print of Wizard of Oz on someone else page! That is crazy cool! The clutch is cute too, but I’m not sold on clutches because you actually have to carry them or put them in between your arm and body. I live in the South. I don’t want my clutch to smell like sweaty armpits! hehehehe Definitely very cute though! You should fork over the money and get The Great Gatsby one since you love that book! I would love to see you with it! :)

  • Struggler

    The bag is wonderful, but I say, hang on a bit, in the hope somebody on Etsy, or maybe even Target, figures out how to make them.

  • http://www.chewdigestbooks.com Gwen

    I am not a clutch fan either, but can see this one paired perfectly with a little black dress. Hmm, I have to go to a wedding in October…..

    Never thought about that with living in the South, smelly armpit purses! LOL.

  • http://www.chewdigestbooks.com Gwen

    You just gave me the idea to start watching Ebay for it. I am going to set up an alert for that!

  • http://twitter.com/carolynforsman Carolyn Forsman

    thanks for listing my banned books necklace. also a bracelet . Rubberbands with 50 cool words like tweeter, perfect brainy ninja http://carolynforsman.com/product.cfm?item_id=216 and mini eyeglass pin brooch http://carolynforsman.com/product.cfm?item_id=70

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