A Bit of Me(Me) ~ Will work for Guinness

by Gwen


Welcome to another fun-filled Saturday thanks to There’s A Book and her thought provoking questions.

If you could travel anywhere in the world for 24 hours, where would you go?

This question was a wee bit easier for me to answer than the ones from the past. You see there is one place that I have been wanting to go since I was knee high to the sheep on their rolling green hills. I have never been there, but have always felt it calling me home in my heart.

by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Thanks to NASA for this shot

I want to go to Ireland.


The beautiful chilly vistas to the sea.


The Banger, the Sausage, the Corned Beef….can you hand me a napkin?


A wee bar to wet the whistle before we go on to our finial destination.


Just one more wee pick me up before we head to the scariest castle in Ireland….ans I swear that there is no real reason that this picture is bigger than the others….Did you see the pattern in the foam? That takes skill, just saying.

Ballygally Castle

Somewhere I would try to dig up my ancestors, buy a sweater, play a round of golf and if the time is right and we had planned well, I would love to get married in Ireland. (Just don’t tell my guy that….he freaks whenever I bring up the “M” word)



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  1. Ahhh….a girl after my own heart! You will have to see my post to see why I say that, but oh my, to get married in Ireland?! That would be heavenly! If you do, you have to tell me! I’m coming! 🙂 This is the best choice ever! I love it!

  2. Yes! Come! I have done all of the research. I just have to go over two weeks ahead of time to talk to the priest and post the banns. At one point I was even going to apply for dual citizenship, which I can get because of my great grandparents…..the rest of the plans fell through when they closed the Albertsons that Art worked at on Madonna. We will all get there someday:)

  3. Ireland is looking like a popular choice!

  4. Like you and The1stdaughter, I too have some family from Ireland – my great-grandmother immigrated to Canada at 16 without the rest of the family. Ireland is definitely a place that I’d like to travel to, but it wasn’t the one I selected for this post. 🙂

  5. Ah, lassie, I’m there! I’d love to go there, too; in fact, my eldest son (a photographer and European expatriate) lived there for awhile. I have photos of Ireland on my bedroom walls from a gallery showing he did.

    But today I went somewhere else:


  6. Can I go with you please?!?!?! One of my friends spent last summer there and she absolutely loved it! I hope you have pictures of your own to share with us one day!

  7. We have a dear friend whose daughter is Interning in Ireland! She LOVES it there!! I love all the different names they have for things ….they are sooo funny 🙂

  8. Despite living for 30 years just a hop across the water, I never actually visited Ireland. I really would like to, though.
    A wedding there sounds wonderful, but you might want to pack an umbrella 🙂

  9. I would love to go to Ireland someday, it’s so beautiful and magical feeling 🙂

  10. Now I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I really want to see your bedroom now!

  11. Maybe we can just charter a plane? Everyone is invited!

  12. The cold weather is the only thing that doesn’t appeal to me, but as I learned in Washington, there is a price to pay for all of that green foliage. Can’t blame you for never going over there, it took me more than 30 years to get to Arizona and there wasn’t any water crossing!

  13. Wow, Ireland is definitely the fave but I’m going to go old school and wish I could visit Greece…no, Rome…no, Greece.

  14. Ah, of course. We should all take a massive blogger trip all together there! There’s so many people who want to go!

  15. Ireland..my son’s gf went on vacation last year and said it was absolutely beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice if we really could visit our dream destinations?

  16. Oh, I would love to go to Ireland! The only ancestor anyone in my family has traced back out of America was from Ireland, but that was in the 1700s. I don’t think it counts anymore. 🙂 My husband and I talked about Scotland and/or Ireland this year, but we settled on Spain instead. I think Ireland will be next though.

  17. The university that I work for had a buffet this past Friday for the food of Ireland. I had my fill of Corned Beef. It was so yummy!!

    If I could go anywhere I’d probably hit London.

  18. Yummy, we have corned beef about once a month in my house. London is probably second on my list, but I wouldn’t even know where to start there, so much to see!

  19. Spain is where the other half of the house would really like to go. I would love to see pictures when you come back. The wine areas look FABULOUS!

  20. It would be great if we could all go to our dream locales. Everything starts with a dream and a really good plan;)

  21. Could I go with ya? I bet you would make it all come alive!

  22. The different names do crack me up. I have an email pal in Dublin and I often have to ask her to translate things for me!

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