Welcome to another fun-filled Saturday thanks to There’s A Book and her thought provoking questions.

If you could travel anywhere in the world for 24 hours, where would you go?

This question was a wee bit easier for me to answer than the ones from the past. You see there is one place that I have been wanting to go since I was knee high to the sheep on their rolling green hills. I have never been there, but have always felt it calling me home in my heart.

by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Thanks to NASA for this shot

I want to go to Ireland.


The beautiful chilly vistas to the sea.


The Banger, the Sausage, the Corned Beef….can you hand me a napkin?


A wee bar to wet the whistle before we go on to our finial destination.


Just one more wee pick me up before we head to the scariest castle in Ireland….ans I swear that there is no real reason that this picture is bigger than the others….Did you see the pattern in the foam? That takes skill, just saying.

Ballygally Castle

Somewhere I would try to dig up my ancestors, buy a sweater, play a round of golf and if the time is right and we had planned well, I would love to get married in Ireland. (Just don’t tell my guy that….he freaks whenever I bring up the “M” word)