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August 24th, 2010

Show Your Love of Books ~ The Journal

by Gwen

My mom bought me an early birthday present a few weeks ago. A Kindle!! Wait. Don’t celebrate yet, it is still on backorder. Isn’t that just the worst? I think Dante should have added another circle of you know what for things that are backordered.

Moving on, the journal was a big hit last week, so let’s go with that. Do you journal or keep track of your books on paper?

Devilish Leather Journal

Devilish Leather Journal, by Kreativlinks, $47

12th Night Journal

12th Night Journal, by Immortal Longings, $35

Vintage Envelope Journal

Vintage Envelope Journal, by Monorail, $20

Handsewn Notebook

Hand Sewn Notebook, by Wee Bindery, $29

I do keep a little book with a list of books that I have read, just title, author, and year published. I don’t know about you, but I have had too many computers crash to trust such an important things not to have an old school list. I also journal off and on.