Why I use Disqus and Why You Should Give It a Second Look

by Gwen

I noticed during the recent giveaway that some people were leery to comment or didn’t take full advantage of the Disqus features by signing in completely. Then I got a very nice message from Alyna of Better Your Blog asking why I use it. My response to her led to this post.


Why I use Disqus-

  1. It automatically emails my replies to the original commenter and posts that reply on the blog. Even better, I can do it straight from email, I don’t even have to log onto my blog.
  2. It has taken care of my spam problem. Even with Aksimet, I was deleting a lot of the offenders. Now, they are G O N E.
  3. That one plugin does the work of about 3 other ones that I used to use.
  4. Threaded comments. Do I have to tell you how great they are for building a community?
  5. You can sign in with just about any id on the planet, twitter, OpenID, facebook, the old school way with your email address.


Why Commenters should embrace Disqus-

  1. It brings your gravatar with you.
  2. You can change something and it will change that information on all of the sites that use Disqus. (like your gravatar or email info)
  3. If you sign in at Disqus.com, you can see/edit/delete all of the comments you have EVER left on any site that using is Disqus. No searching forever or trying to remember what post you wanted to add something to. All of the comments are there.

So don’t run and hide from Disqus, it is your friend. If you let it, it can be your bff!



20 Comments to “Why I use Disqus and Why You Should Give It a Second Look”

  1. Hmmmm, that's interesting. I've wondered why some people use Disqus too. I don't have a problem replying to blogs that use it, but now I want to login and find out what my 10 comments and 8 likes are. LOL Have a great week.

  2. This seems to have a lot of the same features that I liked from Intense Debate. I had trouble with ID and decided to remove it, and so removed about a month's worth of comments from my blog completely. When I did remove it, I got so many comments that people like the blogger system better that I decided to just leave it as is. I do want people to feel comfortable commenting on my blog! That system is just so very “plain vanilla.” *sigh* What's a blogger to do?

  3. Okay, I really like the fact that I could search comments I've left! So many times I've remembered commenting about something somewhere but I can never find it again among all the sites I visit!

  4. I love threaded comments. Jehara just implemented Intense Debate for her comments and likes it very much. I wonder how that system compares with Disqus feature wise.

  5. Oh – and does Disqus require you to log in every time or after X amount of logins does it start remembering who you are? I don't like to login every time – which is what it is asking me to do again now 2 seconds after I logged in to leave the above post. And hey – why isn't my Gravatar showing up when I logged in? Whatever am I doing wrong here Gwen?

  6. Oh – I see – I am just typing in my info. as a guest. I never use any of those other places actively so I would be unlikely to login with them. If it let me login with my Gmail/Google ID it would be fine. But I never check Yahoo, am not on Facebook, not signed up with Disqus and only hop on to Twitter once a week. So the whole process was confusing to me because none of the options jumped out as ones I want to use. I'm rambling! Sorry!

  7. Ramble away my dear. Once you log in, you are good for all sites that use it.

    Hang on, I am going to sign out and see what options there are-it has been a while:)

  8. Now you have another like to add to the mix:)

    I read over 400 blogs, so being able to check back on comments I have left is really helpful. There is no way that I will remember to go back, post by post.

  9. I considered ID, but heard so many horror stories. At the time, I noticed that the sites that I read that use Disqus really had a great sense of community and that was one of the things I was after. I get that there is a learning curve and a separate sign in, which is a pain, but the benefits are worth it in the long run in my mind.

  10. That is my FAVORITE feature, no more trying to remember where I left a comment and wanted to check back!

  11. Okay, I tried to add more sign in options, but there aren't any 🙁 I will see if I can tweak more settings.

  12. How does it compare to IntenseDebate? I really enjoy ID because of the threaded comments and the ease of use.

  13. So far, so good. I haven't a complaint other than some people are afraid to
    use it.

  14. Great post!

    However, I still don't like DISQUS. And I still want a guest post. 🙂 I want my readers to know both sides of the story as I said. Still, even though I haven't taken a shine to their system, I think you made a compelling argument FOR considering using it and I think other bloggers who are on the fence might take the leap. Different strokes for different folks!

  15. I am working on it girl! I realize now that there were a few things that I
    left out of this post, so the guest post will be even better!

  16. I use Disqus and I really enjoy it.

  17. Just installed Disqus and still familiarizing its features, but so far it’s been one pleasant surprise after another!

  18. The disqus is really perfect

  19. I am discovering new tricks with it all of the time still. It can be tricky for new users though,

  20. I am having a hard time using Disqus, saving passwords, posting more than once and then replying, liking a comment etc., especially on the best of sites Letters2Twilight.com..anyone else have these same problems?? Just so frustrating because LTT IS THE BEST SITE EVER and I want to be able to communicate with ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THERE!!! 🙂