Show Your Love of Handmade

by Gwen

When I am not reading, but should be cleaning or cooking, you can often find me creating or trolling for ideas of what to create. Here are some of my finds this week from


Ocean Esprit Gold Leaf Necklace, by Original Muse, $22


Jane Austen Dish Towel, by Brookish, $11


Bird & Books –Gooco Screen-Printed Journal, by Two Guitars, $8


A Library Series (photo print), by Lumikha Studio, $50

That is it for this week. What have you found? Do you have a favorite artist or etsy seller?



4 Comments to “Show Your Love of Handmade”

  1. I love your finds, very lovely. I love the dish towel, could you imagine your guests would always want to read your dish towels if you had different quotes on all of them! LOL

    One of my favorite etsy designers is GleefulPeacock @
    and AmyJeannine who is a friend who is just starting out.

  2. These are so gorgeous! I love the library series of photos, so neat! I would love to have a library to put them up in. Great finds!

  3. I love that necklace! What a beauty!

    Frugality Is Free

  4. I love Etsy! I have an Etsy category on my other blog, The Gift Detective. That necklace you posted? Gorgeous!

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