Show Your Love of Books

by Gwen

If you are new to this series- I have not only a love of books, but a lust for great handmade pieces from the wonderful artisans at Here is what I have my eye on this week.


Handmade White Rabbit Necklace, from bayly, $34


You Are Here Bookmarks, from AnnieWHERE, $4.50 for 4


Paris Bookstore 8 X 10 Print, by Around Town photography at honeytree, $30


Vintage Dictionary Art Print Compass 8 X 10, by Little Bluebird Studios, $8

That is my four treasures today. Have you found anything I should know about? What to have your treasures posted here? Shoot me an email or leave a comment!


5 Comments to “Show Your Love of Books”

  1. Gwenderella, as soon as I learn to link, I'm gonna be all over this. Love the Antiquarian bookstore shot. My daughter has a “101 Things to do before you're twelve” list, and visiting one just like it is her current fascination.

    I can't look at etsy anymore, until I get my own shop rolling – I keep signing on to post my initial inventory and end up shopping and feeling inferior instead. It's all my favorite.

  2. I'm going to the Sac Antique Faire this weekend, I'll keep my eye out for some bookish finds!

  3. LOVE Little Bluebird Studios! Their artwork is so fantastic and extremely affordable! Great list!

  4. Clever theme for the bookmarks. Plus I think I need to pay Little Bluebird Studios a visit.

  5. I made these Disney autograph books for our children. The covers are made out of wood:

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