A Bit of Me(Me)~ Seriously, Please Don’t Send in the Clowns

Posted July 30, 2010


Time again to share what is most likely way too much information about myself thanks to 1st Daugher and There’s a Book. This is one of the few chances that many of has to step out from behind the book and you should join the fun!

This weeks question- What is your greatest phobia?

While mowing the lawn this week, mind mapping what I was going to write for this post, I came across something that many people steer clear of.

Mr. Toad really has nothing to do with my phobias, he just wanted to help me be strong for what I am about tell you.

I am a grown woman that is terrified of anything in costume.

Let me say that again. If you are in any sort of full face makeup, a mask, or one of those sweet furry things that run around Disneyland, stay the heck away from me!

I can’t tell you where it started, I mean I grew up at Disneyland, I even worked at Disneyland. Really, I should be okay with it. I know that those costumed beasts are people under there, just like you and I.


Oh, oh, there’s Donald, I am outta here!

I just can’t deal with anything that distorts a person’s eyes or facial features. I need to see your eyes or I can’t tell whether or not you are going to kidnap me and take me to some secret dungeon where I won’t be able to have diet coke or pet my dog.

Don’t laugh, even something as simple as this can make me lock the car doors.


There was a time when I thought that immersion therapy would help. While working at Disneyland, I attempted to date a guy that just happened to be Pooh while working. Stick with me here, so I was dating Winnie the Pooh, yeah paging Dr. Freud…..It didn’t end well and didn’t help my phobia at all.

All in all, it isn’t a bad phobia to have, unless you work at Disneyland, Chuckie Cheese’s or are dating Winnie the Pooh.

So tell me, what are you really afraid of? I showed you mine.

I want to thank There’s a Book for this meme, it is a blast to get all this out in the open every week. Openness is the path to healing and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist.



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13 Responses to “A Bit of Me(Me)~ Seriously, Please Don’t Send in the Clowns”

  1. At least you have the courage to post pictures! I didn't write up a post this week, but my phobia is snakes. *shudder* 'Nuff said about that.

    You think you've got issues? My husband did children's character parties in high school and would occasionally pull stints as Minnie Mouse. Yup, you read that right. Minnie! That was long before I knew him, I swear!

  2. Dawn

    Seriously? I'm sure I could come up with a joke aobut dating Winnie the Pooh but I'm afraid I've fully aware of the terror some people feel around costumes.

    My son has severe sensory integration dysfunction, like when a kid is tactile defensive, doesn't like being touched, except it's every senosory input and to the degree it affects everything about him. What you said about not knowing if someone would kidnap you hit home. He can't discern if any contact is friendly or hostile until minutes, sometimes hours later, so he is afraid of every stranger who looks at him. Someone will say hi to him in public and he puts his head down and looks away. Then hours later, he'll say oh yea, I think he goes to my school.

    When he was young he got hysterical at a fair over a clown. We were trying to keep him from bolting in the crowd and loosing him. He was putting up a good fight wanting to RUN. A stranger thought we were trying to kidnap him (ok, he's Hispanic and we're white so we don't look like his parents). From that day on I've carried ID, fingerprints, adoption papers, family photos, everything in my purse! Social workers wanted us to do immersion therapy but we thought it was too much, he would be better just working it out slowly. Over the years he as gotten better. At 17 he can watch a costume go by in a pradade without running, but he watches it closely!

    My gosh I've got so many stories about things that have happend. He can't even cross a street safely. I'd seriously love to hear more from you. Yep, you've done it now girl, given me too much information and I want to to pick your brain! 🙂

  3. NotNessie

    Halloween must be terrible for you!

    This is actually a sensible phobia to have, IMHO. You never know who could be under there.

  4. The1stdaughter

    I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that last picture! Personally, every time I see that deer thing standing in that parking lot I freak out. It's scary looking!

    No, I really think this is actually pretty rational, there's just something kind of creepy about the whole idea of it if you ask me. When I was very little we went to Disneyland and the only costumed character I would approach was Donald. He was my height and already a favorite, so I was comfortable with him. All the rest completely freaked me out. And lets not mention what seeing Stephen King's IT did to my whole idea of clowns…ugh! Great post!

  5. Oh, Gwen, you're presenting your fear in such a comical way that laughing is the first thought. But I can see you're really terrified of these costumed creatures. Lots of people don't like clowns…and probably seeing all those spooky movies featuring homicidal clowns didn't help.

    I think it's great that you can share and even laugh about it. That takes the edge off the fear…just a bit. Maybe.

    Here's mine:


  6. Stylestruggler

    Wow, yours must be an unusual one.
    I hate to switch the subject immediately to dogs, but because of Murphy Grace I know you'll be OK with that. Our family dog (not very well trained, I'm afraid) used to attack only some other dogs. We figured out he was most likely to do it when they were a breed with hair flopping over their eyes. Your note about being able to see facial features made me think of that.
    My phobias are a bit more conventional – like Jennifer I really don't like snakes. I'm pretty terrified about dying in a fire, too.

  7. YABookShelf

    I've heard of people being afraid of clowns – even some people who I grew up with, and I'd never understood it. Your explanation of it though, it makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your comment made me tear up Dawn! It must be so hard for him day to day, but I am sure glad that he has you and your husband to guide him:)

  9. LOL, you married Minnie! This was one of the last comments I read before my internet went kaplooie and it kept me laughing all week!

    Snakes make me uncomfortable too all slithery and never sure which ones bite or worse, have venom!

  10. Halloween is no fun at all. I can handle answering the door for the wee ones because I figure that I can take ’em, but if their parents are dressed up??? EEK!

  11. Yeah, I can’t go to that gas station or the taco place near there anymore. Not that you want to go that close to Poly anyway. Them students are nightmares behind the wheel!

    I have never even tried to watch IT!

  12. I don’t like getting gas there or eating at the taco place, way too freaky. Besides, just driving that close to Poly is like talking you life in your hands with all of those wacky college drivers!

    Still haven’t watched IT, that would mean more therapy!

  13. Dogs do like to see eyes, so I can see why yours gets ruffled about that. If a person isn’t terrified about dying in a fire, they just haven’t thought about it long enough. It would be horrible!

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