A Bit of Me(Me) – I Have the Attention Span of a Toddler

by Gwen

Danielle at There’s A Book learned something from Armchair BEA. All of us would like to get to know each other better, not just by what books we read, but by getting to know the person behind the books. She started this great meme and I can’t thank her enough.

This Weeks Question: What is one thing you are really NOT good at?

The post title says it all in a nutshell. I have the attention span of a gnat. (Those are not my words, someone I love actually said that to me.)

focus stacked wet cicada by Mundo Poco.


See that little guy? He has one eye on one side and another waaayyyy over on the other. You can’t tell me that he is paying full attention to what is right in front of him.

I can’t focus on one thing at a time, or even sit still, to save my life. Some might say that this would make me good at multi-tasking, but they would be so wrong. It means that I have problems finishing things, remembering things, following through with things, and just plain being productive.

I jump from project to project, never giving my full attention to anything. I get distracted so easily that just writing this post is a challenge.

Right now I am thinking…..

  • was that the mail truck? I wonder if I got any new books?
  • Does the dog need to go outside?
  • Is today the day that I am supposed to water?
  • What did There’s A Book say about A Vintage Affair?
  • Did I respond back to Lydia at The Lost Entwife about the list of composers to listen to?
  • What are we having for dinner?
  • I need another Diet Coke?
  • Do I want to get up now, check the mail, and get a Diet Coke?
  • Oh, must get that post for Henry David Thoreau’s birthday done.
  • What Thoreau quotes should I use?
  • Why is the dog snoring so loud?
  • Let’s google “Why do dogs snore” and see what it says.

I wish I could say that I was kidding, but that is just a sampling.

The only thing that saves me is books. I can get lost in a book and finally feel centered. Sure, I still get up and walk around, change positions frequently, and all that, but for a few precious minutes at a time….I am in another world or another time and at peace.


18 Comments to “A Bit of Me(Me) – I Have the Attention Span of a Toddler”

  1. Oh, Gwen, it took me awhile to figure out how to enter my comments! I am so challenged with techie stuff.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was laughing at your list of “competing thoughts,” because that kind of thing happens to me, too.

    Then there's the one where I start to do something and halfway there, can't remember what it was I was going to do!

  2. My attention span is mostly pretty good, but I have a hard time finishing projects. My computer room closet is stuffed full of unfinished projects that I know I'll get to one of these days. If I'm being honest, I know I'll never finish any of them and I should just go through and throw everything out.

  3. Sorry about the comment changes. I have been trying to find the best way to make sure that I can respond promptly. Unfortunately, it isn't necessarily the easiest way for everyone.

    I can't tell you how many times I walk into a room and have no clue why I am in there….just like a dog:)

  4. Donating things is usually how I “finish” projects. My closets are full too!

  5. I Love the titles for your meme posts! This one is definitely not an exception.

    I didn't used to be so bad about this, but after having my kids my brain just goes everywhere anymore. I HAVE to have a schedule or nothing gets done. I also have a white board that I'm constantly adding to and taking from. Even while typing this comment I managed to tweet and hold a convo with my hubby. Crazy! Oh, and the Turkeybird stopped by as well. It's no wonder I'm up until the wee hours of the morning finishing things up!

    PS…thanks for the mention on my review! 🙂

  6. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your head! But, think of it this way – at least you've got something going on in your head. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the laugh. My head is like that at times too. Love the pic of the gnat, he is sorta cute.

  8. FUNNY. I was wondering before I finished reading the story how you can read so much but you explained it. I do so get what you said about the thinking of one hundred things at once. I am terrible about talking over people, I just don't want to loose my train of thought and I have to blurt it out. Thank you for your comment. My father does paint during the summer but the paintings are usually just the custom orders for his Tree of Life paintings.

  9. I bet that the kids are worse at interruptions that even my dog is. Earlier today, I was reading outside while enjoying the sun in my favorite patio chair, when the dog grabbed his brush, came over sat on my lap and handed me the brush. What? Am I supposed to brush you now? Right now?

  10. GREAT post! I can sooo relate. (I need another Diet Coke? Did I refill the water dish for Isabelle? Ice cream sounds good! Did I forward the Mac & Cheese recipe to my neighbor?…) But, I'm not like that all the time. Only sometimes. Which makes it hard since I never quite adjust to either state very well. Ah well, gives me something ELSE to work on toward self-improvement. 🙂

  11. Really funny list. I think these days we're all encouraged to hopper from task to task far too much. I know I'm bad at switching (Alt + Tab on computer has a lot to answer for!), especially when I'm doing something I'm not really enjoying.
    But I love that you can still get totally into a book.

  12. Ewww, that gnat is disgusting, Gwen. You're so funny, you remind me of my friend Julie who has ADD. I'm used to her now, but she's still not someone I go to to have a deep conversation with.

    ME: “…so isn't that awful that my sister lost her job, then her husband left her for a stripper, and to top it off my sister is pregnant?” JULIE: “Oh my gosh, did you hear Nordstrom's is having a sale!?”

    Okay, so I'm exaggerating a little, but that girl needs some Ritalin. And she doesn't do it to be mean, she's just in her own little world.

    Where is your review about the fire in New York? I want to read it!

  13. Can you use Intense Debate for comments? I changed to that and love it because when I get the email notification for comments, I can just click on Reply to comment back to the person. I don't have to go into my blog at all.

  14. Oh my! Yes kids – toddlers especially are notorious concentration breakers. I keep lists of things I need to get done everywhere because I just forget too often due to so many interruptions. It's crazy! Although, I do have to say I quite love it when they interrupt me with a book in hand. 🙂

  15. This is hilarious! Why did my Reader just now pop it up?!

    (And no, you didn't! )

  16. I exist to make people laugh and to laugh myself:)

    Not sure why it just appeared, but I did tweak a few things yesterday.

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