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July 26th, 2010

Show Your Love of Books & A Question

by Gwen

Back here again for my weekly roundup of bookish finds on Etsy with a question.

I recently had a really great conversation with the fabulous Catherine Caine of Be Awesome Online and she had a suggestion for me ,and therefore Chew & Digest books. She thought that maybe I should drop this almost weekly column because it wasn’t focused on books.

Now, I will admit it, I had started to stray a bit from just book-related items, but before I ditch the whole idea entirely, I thought that I would ask you dear reader. Do you enjoy seeing the beautiful book related beauties from Etsy?

Please let me know with a shout out after you check out these finds to protect your e-readers.


Kindle/Nook Case, by Janine King Designs, $34.99


IPad Case, by Kimoley Bags, $28


Cell Phone/Itouch Case, by Tha Meow Designs, $27