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July 23rd, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me) ~ I’ve Got the 411, You Need It?

by Gwen


A Bit of Me(Me) is hosted by There’s A Book and it is a great excuse to get out from behind the book and share a bit of ourselves. She asks the question and we answer them.

This Weeks Question: Tell everyone a bit about your very best quality or talent!

My boyfriend, Art, happened to be in the room as I pondered this question so I asked him. I know, it was a stupid thing to do. Much like asking your man if he thinks that those pants make your rear look big, asking a man what he thinks your talented at is a minefield.

His first answer was singing. Hmm, just how often have I been serenading him when I didn’t realize it because I had my headphones on?

I told him to try again. I wasn’t going to tell everyone that I could sing. That would mean telling them how I paid for part of college by singing in a dive bar frequented by very short Asian business men. Then I would have to tell them that I paid for my voice lessons by doing my vocal coaches laundry. I am not going to share that.

His second answer? Research. I like that one better because I know that I rock at researching everything and anything.

  • You need to know the average temperature of Kalamazoo during the 3rd week in July? There’s a Gwen for that.
  • You want to know if there is a better deal out there for that TV you are buying? There’s a Gwen for that.
  • You need a great Italian restaurant on the west side of Chicago? There is a Gwen for that.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. I have a pretty good memory and when you combine that with mad searching skills, there is an app for that and that app is called Gwen. I’ve got the 411.

So, what is your talent?