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July 10th, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me) – I Have the Attention Span of a Toddler

by Gwen

Danielle at There’s A Book learned something from Armchair BEA. All of us would like to get to know each other better, not just by what books we read, but by getting to know the person behind the books. She started this great meme and I can’t thank her enough.

This Weeks Question: What is one thing you are really NOT good at?

The post title says it all in a nutshell. I have the attention span of a gnat. (Those are not my words, someone I love actually said that to me.)

focus stacked wet cicada by Mundo Poco.


See that little guy? He has one eye on one side and another waaayyyy over on the other. You can’t tell me that he is paying full attention to what is right in front of him.

I can’t focus on one thing at a time, or even sit still, to save my life. Some might say that this would make me good at multi-tasking, but they would be so wrong. It means that I have problems finishing things, remembering things, following through with things, and just plain being productive.

I jump from project to project, never giving my full attention to anything. I get distracted so easily that just writing this post is a challenge.

Right now I am thinking…..

  • was that the mail truck? I wonder if I got any new books?
  • Does the dog need to go outside?
  • Is today the day that I am supposed to water?
  • What did There’s A Book say about A Vintage Affair?
  • Did I respond back to Lydia at The Lost Entwife about the list of composers to listen to?
  • What are we having for dinner?
  • I need another Diet Coke?
  • Do I want to get up now, check the mail, and get a Diet Coke?
  • Oh, must get that post for Henry David Thoreau’s birthday done.
  • What Thoreau quotes should I use?
  • Why is the dog snoring so loud?
  • Let’s google “Why do dogs snore” and see what it says.

I wish I could say that I was kidding, but that is just a sampling.

The only thing that saves me is books. I can get lost in a book and finally feel centered. Sure, I still get up and walk around, change positions frequently, and all that, but for a few precious minutes at a time….I am in another world or another time and at peace.