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July 2nd, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me) ~ I Eat with Dead People

by Gwen


1st Daughter at There’s A Book has a wonderful meme that allows us all to get to know each other better. We aren’t all books all the time, right?

This Weeks Question: Name five people alive or dead that you’d love to have lunch with.


So here is my round table……

200px-Francis_Scott_Fitzgerald_1937_June_4_(1)_(photo_by_Carl_van_Vechten) 245px-Edgar_Allan_Poe_2_retouched_and_transparent_bg

F. Scott Fitzgerald & Edgar Allen Poe. Two tortured writers that could never get passed their past loves and works. Both dwindled into a bottle, never to reach the heights they once had again.

200px-Frank_Lloyd_Wright_LC-USZ62-36384 brothers

The Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright & the Greene brothers. All three encompassed styles that I love.  I have been lucky in the past year and have seen the studio where FLW started in Oak Park, ILL and just last month saw Talisian West where he died. His style had grown and changed so much that I hardly recognized it.

I was also a docent at the Greene’s masterpiece the Gamble House when I lived in Pasadena. All three me are very intriguing to me.

That is my five. Who would like to chat with from the past? Link yours up at There’s A Book!