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July 30th, 2010

A Bit of Me(Me)~ Seriously, Please Don’t Send in the Clowns

by Gwen


Time again to share what is most likely way too much information about myself thanks to 1st Daugher and There’s a Book. This is one of the few chances that many of has to step out from behind the book and you should join the fun!

This weeks question- What is your greatest phobia?

While mowing the lawn this week, mind mapping what I was going to write for this post, I came across something that many people steer clear of.

Mr. Toad really has nothing to do with my phobias, he just wanted to help me be strong for what I am about tell you.

I am a grown woman that is terrified of anything in costume.

Let me say that again. If you are in any sort of full face makeup, a mask, or one of those sweet furry things that run around Disneyland, stay the heck away from me!

I can’t tell you where it started, I mean I grew up at Disneyland, I even worked at Disneyland. Really, I should be okay with it. I know that those costumed beasts are people under there, just like you and I.


Oh, oh, there’s Donald, I am outta here!

I just can’t deal with anything that distorts a person’s eyes or facial features. I need to see your eyes or I can’t tell whether or not you are going to kidnap me and take me to some secret dungeon where I won’t be able to have diet coke or pet my dog.

Don’t laugh, even something as simple as this can make me lock the car doors.


There was a time when I thought that immersion therapy would help. While working at Disneyland, I attempted to date a guy that just happened to be Pooh while working. Stick with me here, so I was dating Winnie the Pooh, yeah paging Dr. Freud…..It didn’t end well and didn’t help my phobia at all.

All in all, it isn’t a bad phobia to have, unless you work at Disneyland, Chuckie Cheese’s or are dating Winnie the Pooh.

So tell me, what are you really afraid of? I showed you mine.

I want to thank There’s a Book for this meme, it is a blast to get all this out in the open every week. Openness is the path to healing and a lot cheaper than a psychiatrist.



July 29th, 2010

Cross-Bloggination with The Lost Entwife

by Gwen

Cross-Bloggination is a brainchild of mine that spawned during the recent Bloggiesta. I knew I wanted to reach out to some bloggers and create a monthly feature that would give our usual readers something a little out of the ordinary. Gwen from Chew & Digest Books and Danielle from There’s a Book responded to the call. The last Friday of each month we will be posting on each others blogs and providing you all with something new and different to see; a featured book out of the books we’ve read that month – this book is special and one that really sticks in our minds as being a fantastic read.

I invite you to head over to both their blogs – I will be hosting Danielle this month and Danielle will be hosting Gwen.

It was rough for me to come up with a favorite book this month – I’ve read fantastic books ranging from older books like The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood to new ones such as Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. I’ve read about dragons and the Napoleonic wars in the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik and then.. I traveled to North Carolina and fell in love with a little town called Mullaby – where there is a giant, the aroma of cakes and the mystery of glowing lights in the night-time.

I fell in love with Southern Literature fairly recently with Beth Hoffman’s Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and it wasn’t with a small bit of anticipation that I picked up The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen. I felt that catch in the back of my throat that I’ve come to recognize as a sign of anticipation and book-lovers joy when I know I am picking up a book I am going to fall in love with.

And sometimes it’s that easy, you know? It could be the title that does it for me… and who wouldn’t love a title such as this one? It could be just the name of the author, or the cover of the book. Maybe it’s those first few magical sentences. All I know is that when Grandpa Vance began to speak of the wallpaper in Emily’s room I got chills.

Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood.

Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight.

And a neighbor bakes hope in the form of cakes.

I immediately purchased a copy of this book after I read my library copy. I hadn’t even closed the book completely before I was clicking buy on my B&N screen. This is a book I’ll be passing around to my neighbors and purchasing more copies of to distribute at Christmas-time, not because the book is profound and full of deep insight or is a masterpiece of scholarly writing… but because this book made me feel as if I was home and that my soul could rest.

My review of this fantastic book will be up at my website, The Lost Entwife, in the upcoming week. I invite you to come check it out and to leave your own comments here about what book provides rest in your soul for you.

July 28th, 2010

Why I use Disqus and Why You Should Give It a Second Look

by Gwen

I noticed during the recent giveaway that some people were leery to comment or didn’t take full advantage of the Disqus features by signing in completely. Then I got a very nice message from Alyna of Better Your Blog asking why I use it. My response to her led to this post.


Why I use Disqus-

  1. It automatically emails my replies to the original commenter and posts that reply on the blog. Even better, I can do it straight from email, I don’t even have to log onto my blog.
  2. It has taken care of my spam problem. Even with Aksimet, I was deleting a lot of the offenders. Now, they are G O N E.
  3. That one plugin does the work of about 3 other ones that I used to use.
  4. Threaded comments. Do I have to tell you how great they are for building a community?
  5. You can sign in with just about any id on the planet, twitter, OpenID, facebook, the old school way with your email address.


Why Commenters should embrace Disqus-

  1. It brings your gravatar with you.
  2. You can change something and it will change that information on all of the sites that use Disqus. (like your gravatar or email info)
  3. If you sign in at, you can see/edit/delete all of the comments you have EVER left on any site that using is Disqus. No searching forever or trying to remember what post you wanted to add something to. All of the comments are there.

So don’t run and hide from Disqus, it is your friend. If you let it, it can be your bff!


July 26th, 2010

Show Your Love of Books & A Question

by Gwen

Back here again for my weekly roundup of bookish finds on Etsy with a question.

I recently had a really great conversation with the fabulous Catherine Caine of Be Awesome Online and she had a suggestion for me ,and therefore Chew & Digest books. She thought that maybe I should drop this almost weekly column because it wasn’t focused on books.

Now, I will admit it, I had started to stray a bit from just book-related items, but before I ditch the whole idea entirely, I thought that I would ask you dear reader. Do you enjoy seeing the beautiful book related beauties from Etsy?

Please let me know with a shout out after you check out these finds to protect your e-readers.


Kindle/Nook Case, by Janine King Designs, $34.99


IPad Case, by Kimoley Bags, $28


Cell Phone/Itouch Case, by Tha Meow Designs, $27



July 25th, 2010

What are You Reading? (7/25/10)

by Gwen


Books completed last few weeks:

  • Shadow of Power by Steve Martini
  • Angel Island by Erika Lee & Judy Yung NF
  • The War Lovers by Evan Thomas NF
  • The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway
  • The Falcon Fund by John Ferguson
  • While Galileo Preys by Joshua Corin
  • The Grand Design: Strategy and the US Civil War by Donald Stoker

Books on tap for this week:

Posts/Reviews last week:

Books I Still Need to Write Reviews On:

My Good News:

I have books coming out of my eyeballs, but it is a good feeling!