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May 28th, 2010

Showing My Virtual Love for The ArmChairBEA Organizers

by Gwen

Many of us were given a great gift this week by attending the #armchairBEA. 5 wonderful women had an idea and it not only came to fruition, it dazzled many of us all week.

Personally, I met  more bloggers that think a lot like I do than I have come across in all the years that I have been doing this. There were so many times that I said to myself, “Why have I never met this blog or person before, I really like them!”

I learned, I laughed, I explored all of the wonderful different paths that brought us all to having a similar passion. I am energized, pumped up, and maybe just a wee bit tired, but mostly just grateful that I was included and astounded at what they created.

I have very little to give in thanks other than words, but to go along with my usual Showing Your Love Of Books post, I would give these gifts to you if it were in my power,

For Danielle from There’s A Book…………

a SLO made Downtown Brown Bag, by Modepopulour, $ 50 from

Writing Letters - Signed Print 8x10

For Emily from Emily’s Reading Room…..

Writing Letters Signed Print by Illustrations by Kecky, $15 from

For Florinda from The 3 R’s……….

Wolf on Vintage Page Print, by CrowBiz, $10 from

For Michelle from Michelle’s Masterful Musing……

Remembrance Hardwood Journal, by V E T R O K, $60 from

FREE SHIPPING Guardian of the Forest Tote Shoulder Book Bag

For Tif from Tif Talks Books……

Guardian of the Forrest Tote Bag (to go with those fairy tales) by Something Else Studio, $61 from

That is it. Those are the beautiful handmade things that I would love to give to you if only I could. Instead you will have to take my gratitude for my best blogging week ever.

Thanks to all of the participants as well, you rock!