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May 26th, 2010

Booking, Blogging & Balance (The 3 B’s)

by Gwen

I have a few addictions that I need to tell you about in order to help you. That is right, I need to come clean to help me, help you. My name is Gwen and I am addicted to blogging, blog reading, web surfing, crafting, Diet Coke, and most of all, reading.

Before I get out of bed in the morning, I quickly grab the iPod from under my pillow to start reading blogs and checking email. (In case you are wondering, Sleep Talkin’ Man is way I like to start my day) At last count, I subscribe to over 200 blogs and I would guess that about 90% of those update at least once a day.

Once I get up, I do those morning things that we all do, like waking up the kid and getting him ready for school and then it is time to hit the laptop.


My name is Murphy Grace and I will wear a backpack & pose, but flunked out of obedience school.

I could spend all day surfing, writing, and reading. I also work from home. Yet, I rather spend all of my time reading, surfing, and tweeting. The problem with my lack of organizational skills or self-control, I tend to get nothing done. I. Mean. Nothing.

To the rescue comes Charlie at Productive Flourishing. Charlie is a genius at getting your blog and freelance time organized with his planners and he gives you them to try out for FREE. There is one specially for blogging. (just scroll down the planners page to find it)

I still don’t have the perfect system, but I am getting there.

Do you have a great system that will help me more time with that furry baby above?

How do you balance reading, working, living, and blogging? If you share your tips, I promise feature you in a future wrap-up post! (I have already scheduled it on my handy dandy Productive Flourishing calendar.)

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