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May 8th, 2010

Showing My Love of Books

by Gwen

I have been on a break from this series and I really miss it. There is nothing like handcrafted goodies to show your love of books.

On A Clear Day - 5x7 Signed Print - SALE
On A Clear Day Print, by The Extent of Silence, $10.20
Altered Composition Book Journal
Altered Composition Journal, by Vicki Sheehan, $15
Learn Altered Art Resin BookMark Play Sassy Fun
Learned Art Resin Bookmark, by Shade Songs, $5
Oscar Wilde Miniature Portrait Pin
Oscar Wilde Portrait Pin, by My Good Babushka, $40
Those are the bookish works of Art that I came up with this week! I still have a lot of blank walls in the new house, so come back next week to see what else perks my interest.