Show Your Love of Books #6

by Gwen

You can’t read all of the time right? How about some bookish accessories?


Book Lover's Journal

Book Lover’s Journal by Kind Living Design, $11.50


Bookends 8” X 11” Print by Stubborn Dog,  $15

Sweet Dog Lovers Purse Recycled Orange Book

Dog Lover’s Book Purse by The BusyBeehive, $35

Read Red and Black Glossy Postcard

Read Postcard by Hesed Books & Gifts, $1.25

Do you have some favorite bookish accessories? Tell me about them or link them on up.



2 Comments to “Show Your Love of Books #6”

  1. This was such a while ago, but I just found your post! Thanks for sharing my print. Loving all of the book finds on your blog. 🙂

  2. It was my pleasure and I love your print!

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