About Gwen and Chew & Digest Books

by Gwen

My name is Gwen and I enjoy chewing and digesting books. I also like spitting out what I think about them. Okay, I don’t spit, I just tell you, dear reader, how I feel about them.

The only genre that I won’t read is romance. Don’t ask me to explain why in detail. Let’s just leave it at the genre makes me blush & let it go.

My reviews are also usually cross-posted at Gather.com, Associated Content, Bookstove, Goodreads, and where ever else they will let me. I also work with the San Francisco Book Review and the Sacramento Book Review.

I must confess, I have another love. Home decorating and crafting makes me almost as giddy as reading, so I have a dual identity. If a book is a home/craft related, you can bet that I will mention it at MurphyGrace Home.

If you are an author or publisher and would like to contact me about a book you can email me at: chewdigest@gmail.com

In case you are wondering, the name, Chew & Digest is a tribute to Sister Anne. She was a wonderful English teacher that I had many moons ago and she would start each class by telling us to “Chew & Digest the following..”

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