Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

by Gwen


Surprise! I love to read. You knew that already, right?

Being a book lover is not just all about books though. Here are some things that just might be perfect for the reader in your life….



Bookmark Calendar 2010

How cool is a new bookmark with a calendar for every month of the year!  (kifli’s Shop $12)


Call me old school, but I love to keep a journal of the books I read and this is perfect! (kindlivingdesigns $11.50)


book purse

This is a bit outside my budget, but I want a book purse.

(bookity $75)


dog bookmark

A bookmark that also pays homage to my other favorite thing…Dogs.  (boofolobeads $5)



For the Harry Potter fans out there, here is the Goblet of Fire bookmark (boofolobeads $5)


Pendant front


Pendant back- TOO STINKING CUTE!

(CobwebCorner $15)


Finally, I haven’t made the switch to a reader-don’t get me started on that subject-if it gets more people to read, I guess that it is a good thing. Still, if you have a reader or know someone that haves one…..

kindle case

A snazzy case/bag to keep your reader safe. (xcessrize $54.99)


This should be enough to get you started on tackling the book lovers on your list, but if you wander around you will be able to find many more great gifts.


Disclaimer: I get nothing out of posting the beautiful objects above, I was just have fun creating my wish list and though that I would share.

P.S. I just finished the best book and I can’t wait to share it with you. Gretchin Rubin wrote/lived/ blogged/dreamed “The Happiness Project”. The blog is great, but the book comes out on December 29th is even better.


Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate it!

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