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July 22nd, 2008

Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead by Saralee Rosenberg

by Gwen

Okay, I admit it, the title made me laugh, but I was still wary. Was this going to be another quick summer read? You know the type, entertaining, yet after it is over, not leaving you with much….

I was so wrong! First, there is Mindy, a thirty something mom that is hanging on by a thread financially and emotionally while she runs out to get yet another doughnut because she is too busy to eat healthy. Then there is Beth, her neighbor. Well Beth is one of those women that all women love to hate. She is fit and drop dead gorgeous after two kids, has time for everything and jaunts from this event to the next in her trendy new car. She has everything, it is practically our job to hate her and be jealous of her, right?

Mindy puts up with Beth’s constant low blows about her weight and other things because….well, she is her next door neighbor and their girls are close friends. They share carpool, but seldom small talk and just getting Beth to switch days for carpool is enough to send Mindy to the therapist if she could afford it.

Then suddenly all heck breaks loose in both family’s lives and the two women start to see each other as they really are. I don’t want to give away too much, but it starts when Mindy spots Beth in a car with a man that is not her husband and then her long lost step son from her husbands first marriage comes to stay with them while his drug addict mother is in rehab. (That isn’t giving away too much, I swear!)

Not only did Rosenberg’s story keep me glued to the book, but it left me looking at my neighbor’s and acquaintances in a new way. Sure that blond next door may be a perfect size 6 and always look like she just stepped out of the salon, but is she really happy?

Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead is a story of friendship, uncanny connections, triumph over adversity and a celebration of what it means to be a family and a friend. It was a fast read, but I will definitely be looking for more from Saralee Rosenberg.

Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead by Saralee Rosenberg
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Avon A (July 22, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0061253774
ISBN-13: 978-0061253775